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THE Boer Project

The plight of the Boer's in South Africa

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1 days
between white farmer killings
Farm attacks (1990-2020)
Farm murders (1990-2020)
Farm attacks (2019)

About the project

The Boer Project is an initiativ by Jonas Nilsson. A Swedish journalist, author and filmmaker.


The purpose is to highlight a plight that is not being covered by the mainstream media outlets. It is the plight of the Boer’s in South Africa.


The political climate has changed drastically in South Africa since the ANC took over the country’s political leadership after the 1994 apartheid system. Our aim is to follow up on the political and social development, and to give those people that are not being heard a voice through this platform.


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All our work is published on the Boer Project channel on YouTube and Lbry, public for all to share and see.



Boer Project Team

We are proud to present some of our documentaries

The plight of the Boer's in SA.
Here is the full first documentary. We would like to thank all our supporters.
Watch documentary
This is a documentary about the Swedish support to the ANC during Apartheid times. Featuring, amongst others, the secret agent that smuggled in money to the ANC in South Africa and Swedens former state secretary for foreign affairs.
Watch documentary
Orania - A white homeland
The small town of Orania is built by the Afrikaner for the Afrikaner. We visited the town and have now finished a short story about the life in this small haven in South Africa.
Watch documentary
The witch doctors curse
Follow us in our investigation into the tribal religious beliefs that are very much alive still today.
Watch documentary
Kampen för allas lika värde i Sydafrika
Det svenska stödet till ANC i Sydafrika (in swedish)
Se dokumentär
Vita kåkstäder i Sydafrika
(In swedish)
Se dokumentär

We are, as of dec 2020, in the process of reuploading our documentaries to other platforms than Youtube. 

Recent blog entries

Jonas Nilsson

Orania a safe haven

In the north province in South Africa, there is a small community, just for whites. We have visited the famous city Orania.

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South Africa in Crisis

In this series of short documentaries we visit and interview people of the frontline of the crisis. Click image to play.

Afriforum Night Patrol

The Boer Project joined Afriforum for a neighborhood watch.

Afriforum Trauma Unit

Farm attack survivors gets help from private initiatives.

Boer Legion - Civil Defence Training

Jonas Nilsson met the Boer Legion at the Shooting Range in Pretoria.

Farm Murder Monument PLAASMOORDE

Each year they put up new crosses for the farm attacks victims.

The Orphanage In His Honour

A revisit to the Orphanage from the Boer Project documentary: A reversed apartheid?

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    Jonas Nilsson


    Holds a BA in Political Science from the National Defence University in Stockholm.

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